"To train and produce highly competitive skilled graduates as a global workforce for specified industries"

It is the goal of YWA TRADE TEST & TRAINING CENTER INC (YTTCI) to produce highly trained workforce that are ready to embark and face the challenging demand of their jobs when they are already on site.

There are hundreds or thousands of Filipino workforce that lack the necessary skills to tackle their jobs. Most of their skills are learned or only acquired from their continued exposure to the job. Most of them do not have the formal training that are required for them to efficiently execute the demand of their jobs which made them less competitive if already at the work site.

YTTCI aims to produce workforce who are equip with the necessary knowledge to execute their jobs. Producing trained and educated workforce will reduce if not eliminate safety related accidents at the site and improving the quality of work performance.

With proper training, the graduates of YTTCI would help every company that they be employed with and would makes them competitive globally.