YTTCI had its humble beginning way back 2005 when the supply of skilled manpower in the market started to dwindle due to the massive demand worldwide.

As an offshoot company of YWA HUMAN RESOURCE CORPORATION, which sole business is to provide skilled and highly skilled manpower to its clienteles, YTTCI was founded and organized to produce trained workforce to reinforce the need for more supplies of workers worldwide.

It procured modern tools and equipment that could be utilized during the trainings of the workers who would like to up-skills their trade.

YTTCI became the testing center of choice for most of the clients because of its facilities and equipment.

Since its foundation, it was able trained thousands of workers who have now work in Australia, Middle East, America and South East Asia. The Center became the choice of employers of testing the technical skills of their applicants.

YTTCI became a recipient of the GMA Training Scholarship grants for welders which helped applicants acquired jobs overseas through the affiliate company of the center.

Now, the YTTCI has a newly renovated center that are capable to train welders and civil workers in a more convenient space. It also plans to expand its program by applying for accreditation of Basic Japanese Language Curriculum whereby students will be trained of Nihongo before they depart for their training to Japan.